wrigley loft art creative endeavor etc business space 2bathrm short term month to month parking deck basmt office avail asap gr fl grace/clark can work/live zoned b 3-2

Wrigley large 1600 ft loft 3 rooms parking lot basmt deck kitchen etc grace/clark gr fl  asap

month to month time to be determined large  private loft 1600 ft  track lights turnkey---off white  repainted new  back room 2 rooms work live with access to laundry kitchen 2 nd fl parking  shared basement   trap door and steel door in back to basement --- wooden fl ----ground fl  track lights with dimmers  central air and heat built in counter in front 2 bathrooms one with shower---moveable fireplaces  great ambiance----back room sectioned into 2 rooms with seperate walk in storage space ------ anything possible - circuit breaker w/ 220 line  new plumbing full service deck parking lot private 1200-1500 month zoned b 3-2 can work live 15 ft ceilings  well insulated  new walls  3 large bay windows in front safety glass and safety glass door with mail slot   4  large room dividers and  screens glass with wooden trim vintage---   wrigley grace clark by uncommonground and nuts in clark------ by redline 22 bus wrigleyfield and metro live music venue  happening place --happening location    awesome reduced for short term month to month------ will work with your budget need  simple low key  anything you want is possible no large events with djs  no live bands or loud music  no dj  ready to go call only immediate 773-857-1233 or dusty manager 318-801=6939  please call only just in case text prefer  call only text number 773-234-6441  poles lots of outlets  prewired rcn internet and cable 2 projection screens if desire  built in counter in front and another smaller counter w/ stolls and chairs  avail---- lower coffee table  full service accommodating no redtape best offer-----if need roll top desk glass display case  air mattresses pillows  large open space   low key  copper plumbing access to 2nd fl kitchen and laundry  deck with grill bar smoker   benches  ready to 4 exits and entrances  ready to go immediate occupancy no redtape lets do it 

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vintage bldg all redone lot 25 x 125 pasved lot in back

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2 projection screens

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ults extra if need or can be arranged

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