Steep Theatre Rehearsal Hall

Steep's rehearsal hall is located at 1113 W Berwyn Ave, directly next door to Steep Theatre.
This storefront space is available for classes, rehearsals, workshops, meetings, and other projects. This versatile space is 624 square feet, half carpeted and half hardwood, with high ceilings, full heating and air conditioning, wifi, and a separate door for easy access at any time of day.
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Space Detail
Available Hours: 
8 am - 10 pm
Total Square Footage: 
Heating/Air Cond
Wheelchair Accessibility
Floor Types/Surfaces: 
1/2 hardwood, 1/2 carpet
Floor Dimensions: 
13' x 48'
Maximum Occupancy: 
Ceiling Height: 
Staff/Office Equipment: 
Staff/Office Equipment Other: 

Tables and chairs provided.

Pricing Info
Pricing Unit: 
Per hour
Required Deposit: 
Other Price Information: 
Hourly:  $15 (standard), $10 (not-for-profit)
Weekly:  $450 (standard), $300 (not-for-profit)
Building Info
Liability Insurance?: 
Hold Harmless Clauses?: 
Building Policies: 

Steep’s rehearsal hall my not be rented for public performances. Space may be booked via email or phone. Space is not guaranteed until this Rental Agreement has been completed and signed by Renter. Amplified sound/music or excessive noise will not be allowed during Steep Theatre performances.

Security Policies: 
Renter assumes responsibility for the security of the space during their Rental Period.  Renters are required to close and lock both the front and back doors before leaving the space. 
The renter will meet an agent of Steep at the rehearsal hall prior to the beginning of the Rental Period to check out keys. The keys must be returned to Steep (instructions will be provided) at the end of the Rental Period.