Looking for shared space to work or create?

Howdy Friends!


We are looking for creative people who are interested in sharing a communal workspace/studio space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.  Ideally, we would like have a co-working type space combined with a small fabrication shop.  The co-working space would consist of a few desks and tables for tabletop work.  The fabrication space would be partitioned off and have some small woodworking tools and other noisy/messy items.


We are a small group of individuals with various design related backgrounds.  We'd love to work alongside: artists, engineers, architects, developers, photographers, entrepreneurs, writers, freelancers, makers, activists, thinkers, etc.  We really value learning from others and sharing the knowledge and skills that we have with each other.


If this all sounds like something you might dig (and you're ready to stop working at home or in the coffee shop like we are) let's chat!




**Note: These images are not of our actual space but this is along the lines of where we want to go!**

Space Detail
Total Square Footage: 
Staff/Office Equipment: