2000 square feet for living, Studio and Gallery (plus)

Submitted by Bilhenry on Tue, 10/24/2017 - 12:05pm

2000 square feet for loft apartment with studio and gallery space on second floor of a re-furbished coach-house. Access can be negotiated for use of the darkroom, workshops and tools, and storage space on the first floor. 

The apartment has all the major appliances including fridge, gas stove, micro-wave, washer and dryer. The studio has in-built vacuum system, track lighting, three skylights, compressed air throughout.

A new 80% furnace with 5-ton AC just installed. There is off-street parking for three cars plus two more in the drive. The brick drive is lined with garden lights. This studio/apartment is located within three blocks of I-43, Home depot, Walmart, Outpost food co-op, bank, and Good will.

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$1200/month (plus utilities of aproximately $300)

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Space Detail
Available Hours: 
9AM to 6:30PM
Total Square Footage: 
Heating/Air Cond
Floor Types/Surfaces: 
tile and concrete downstairs; tile, oak floors and carpeting upstairs
Floor Dimensions: 
2000 sq. feet (second floor)
Maximum Occupancy: 
Ceiling Height: 
Other Accessibility: 
Second-story doors with block and tackle lift
Space Detail Other: 

There is only one barred window on the first floor, a back overhead door exiting onto the alley for loading and the front door. Three skylights provide the light for the upstairs Gallery room and the inner "Library" room. Track lighting has been installed in the Gallery and living rooms. The kitchen and bathroom floors have been tiled as has the downstairs half bathroom (where the washer and dryer are located). The downstairs entry way has been tiled. A neighbor can provide snow-removal service and grass cutting where needed; otherwise, I will provide the equipment for the renter to do so. 

110/220 electric service plus three-phase for heavy equipment

Go to www.bilhenry.walker@facebook.com  for more images of building

CALL or TEXT at 414-698-1171

Staff/Office Equipment: 
Fax Machine
Staff/Office Equipment Other: 

Fax Machine with copier

Cable already installed

Track lighting in Gallery and living rooms

compressed air piping throughout building (large compressor needed)

small compressor available in one of shops

new furnace and five ton AC

Appliances: Washer, Dryer, Gas Stove, Fridge, Microwave, 

tools available for snow removal and lawn  cutting

Pricing Info
Pricing Unit: 
Per month
Required Deposit: 
Other Price Information: 

Utilities are responsibility of renter. The electric/gas is budgeted at $220/month with the heat at 65 degrees during day and 60 overnite. The water/garbage is aproximately $60/month (photographer use of darkroom more).

Building Info
Liability Insurance?: 
Hold Harmless Clauses?: 
Other Insurance Information: 

Renters insurance must be obtained by renter.

Building Policies: 

4038 N. Sixth Street is a commercial building with living possibilities set in a neigborhood one block from two major cross streets and the freeway entrance to I-43 northbound. 

There is no "off-street" traffic for this buiding. Visitors come by invitation only.

I will share the storage area downstairs and will periodically visit from Eau Claire to work in one of the two shops on the first floor. The renter can also use these shops and my equipment as needed (ie: drill press, 12" and 15" chop saws).

Renter is expected to water the gardens in front as needed and maintain the brick driveway.

Security Policies: 

Strangers are not allowed to ener this building except by invitation or appointment. Security is maintained by double locked doors in front and double locked overhead door in back. There are no windows on first floor to break into.

There is no current working alarm system.

Other Building Info: 

This building was built in the late 1800's and was originally a barn to house the mules that pulled the trolly cars and wagons.  Many of the unique features can be attributed to this early usage such as a block and tackle lift at the rear to bring up the hay and chutes to drop it down to the mules below. 

Eventually, the building was included in the city limits in 1926 and recorded in the city register as a cabint shop. High-end cabinetry was produced here until the late 60's when a Junk-man bought the building and stored his stuff throughout. I bought the building in 1977 in which to live and work. Over $150,000 in upgrades have been made in order to create a safe and secure environment for my family and valuable art work.

In 1980 I began mounting shows for young artists graduating from the Milwaukee Art Institute and UWM. This continued until 1997 when my work took over more of my time and energy. I have continued representing artists online while keeping samples of their work in-house.

Photographers have used the darkroom downstairs and the gallery/shooting space upstairs throughout the early years and it would still be a good fit for such a professional. 

A modern dance troop rented the space for a season and put on a wonderful performance in the early 80's. A theater group has also performed in the space. Enough electric service has been brought in to handle the lighting requirements for these shows.

The entire upstairs is wired for sound with good speakers througout. Its a great art space for your guests to experience and personally inspiring to live and work in.