Thought Collection Publishing

Submitted by KatLahr on Fri, 07/19/2013 - 11:50am

We promote the practice of thinking…

Thought Collection Publishing is an indie publisher supporting social change through our nonfiction publications. We partner with literary and visual artists to produce collections of stories and art that expand life perspectives. 

We work with artists who have an open mind to the world's diversity and want to learn, grow, and share their talents with others. See our submission pages to see how you can contribute to upcoming and current projects.

We at Thought Collection Publishing believe...

  • that thinking creates constructive dialogue
  • that sharing thoughts produces knowledge
  • in social change and consciousness by donating a portion of publication proceeds to charity
  • in providing opportunities for emerging and established literary and visual artists
  • in an outlet for artists to satisfy their creative urges
  • in equal access to art, literature, and business opportunities
  • in being true to the truth
  • in stirring emotions, being inspired, and questioning
  • in indulging in the thoughts of other thinkers

We do not believe in being vindictive, hurtful or having competitive agendas.

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To think is to use the brain.

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Elmwood Park  Illinois  60707
United States