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Luxe Bloom is changing the way people buy flowers. We have solved the age-old problem of dying flowers with our innovation designs, made using our Lasting Luxury Roses™ .   Luxe Bloom's Lasting Luxury Rose™ is grown and harvested just like a regular fresh cut rose. Within days of harvesting, our roses undergo a process that keeps them looking and feeling fresh for months to come!  With proprietary blends of oils and glycerin, our partner farms and factories create a rose that needs no water, virtually no care.  Luxe Bloom in turn creates beautiful and elegant arrangements that will ship right to our clients' door.  Our high-touch service offers hoteliers, spa owners and fine dining restaurant operators a way to add luxurious floral without breaking the bank. We create a plan that suites the property and budget, and build a monthly recurring program specific to each client's needs.

We shake the hand that feeds us with our multi-tier supply chain. We import the finest roses in the world from Ecuador each month to keep our preserved roses fresh for you. Each bespoke arrangement is hand-made made in our Atelier in Chicago and shipped direct to our clients' operation. We care about responsible floral from our farm to the front lobby.

We are confident our mission to “beautify environment responsibly” is working. Our Lasting Luxury Rose™ arrangements endure within an operation well beyond fresh-cut floral. We help businesses bring money to the bottom line; where it counts. We are proud to be the “Official Lasting Floral” Brand Partner of the Forbes Travel Guide program, the world-class rating system. 

2501 W Washington Blvd
Suite 300
Chicago  Illinois  60612
United States
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