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Gigi Rosenberg, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing

How Artists Can Find Funds

In your book, you write that "A proposal is a creative act like any other." Can you expand upon this comment?

Proposal writing takes time away from all the other things you should be doing like making art, marketing, and grocery shopping. For this reason, I encourage my students to ensure they will benefit from the process of writing a proposal or grant application, even if they don’t win.

Paul Botts

10 Common Mistakes Arts Groups Make When Seeking Grants

1) Basing your specific pitch to a foundation or corporate funder on anything other than what that funder says they want to fund.

Olga Stefan, Writer & Curator, Former Director of Chicago Artists' Coalition

What is your experience becoming an arts administrator... what lessons have you learned?

UPDATED: Olga Stefan was the executive director of the Chicago Artists' Coalition, a non-profit service organization dedicated to individual artists, from 2005–2008. She currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland, and blogs about art on Correspondences.

The Etiquette of Getting Grants

Shakurra Amatulla (The Grant Lady), courtesy of New York Foundation for the Arts

A little grant writing advice can go a long way. In the following article, Shakurra Amatulla outlines some of the basic information necessary for researching and writing grants.

So you want a grant—that chunk of money that’s "out there" just waiting for your request? But you’re impatient, sometimes believing that the road to success must open before you faster than Moses parted the Red Sea. In your search for grants, you buy and read everything about this free cash, continually look for people to guide you to said loot, and still you haven’t gotten any closer to it.