Don Hall - WNEP Theater in Chicago

What Are the Challenges of Promoting and Marketing a Show in Chicago? How Do You Overcome Those Challenges?

You have spent months in preparation. You have fine-tuned
the script and show concept, agreed to pay five times your apartment rent for a
venue, rehearsed with your cast. Opening night approaches and suddenly it
occurs to you that you have to actually work to get an audience that is
comprised of more than just your friends and family.

Brian Golden, Theatre Seven of Chicago

What Key Strategies Can You Share About Starting and Running a New Theater in Chicago?

In our limited experience at Theatre Seven, I think I've found the most difficult challenge is achieving a balance between planning for growth and success and realizing that you've never done this before, and haven't the faintest idea of how things are going to go. We created Theatre Seven believing, as I still do, that the reason so many companies fail is that they look at their first production as the finish line, gearing all their operation around just "getting the first one off the ground." Then, once that's over, they seem to come to a dead stop for a while. I have no idea how true that is, but operating under that assumption has helped us incorporate a vision for the future in everything we do, even with the awareness that we're not quite sure where we're headed.

Jiba Anderson - Griot Enterprises

How Have You Become More Legal-savvy in Your Artistic Career?

Every artist has to remember that, first and foremost, art is a business. If you don't want to face that fact, then do not try to survive off of your talent. Find something else to do. With that being said, I have learned early on that artists need to protect themselves.

Writing for Results

Writing isn't anyone's favorite pastime. Not even for writers. As sports columnist "Red" Smith once explained, "There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein." The blank screen is a formidable opponent for everyone.

Writing an Artist's Statement

Courtesy of Side Street Projects

Writing an Artist's Statement can be an important exercise in developing your work as well as providing key insights for curators, gallerists, funders and others. Find out the types of statements commonly requested, and whats, whys and hows of successful Artist's Statements.


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