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Nicole Gifford & Melissa Mallinson

Growing, Sharing, Celebrating: Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival

Founded in 2010, Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival is an annual weekend of performance that celebrates the work of practicing contemporary dance artists and companies. CAR Dance Researcher Meida McNeal spoke with producers Nicole Gifford and Melissa Mallinson about the origins of the festival

Kathi Beste

The Flamenco Arts Center: Preserving History, Honoring the Source, Passing on Culture

Flamenco Arts Center was founded in Chicago in 2000 by dancer, actress, and educator Cynthia Rosario. It was her dream to set up an open meeting place in the city where anyone with an interest in flamenco music and dance could come to teach, learn, and share their love of the art form. Before 2000 there was no central location for flamenco where everyone was welcome.

Celia Weiss Bambara

African-Based Contemporary Dance: Translating Tradition

My path with African-based dance began in Los Angeles at Occidental College when I studied Haitian and modern dance with Elizabeth Chin. I felt like the dances were speaking to me, saying things about respect, history, love, travel, study, and ultimately, fusion. My learning of African-based or diasporic dance from dance artists in Haiti, France, the U.S., and Africa has come from a deep respect both for, and of, the people I learned from and worked with.