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Role profile

We are looking for an experienced photographer to take on the position of Photography Teacher at our 3 week long Yale summer school program from 11th July 2019 - 5th August 2019.

The successful candidate will teach the students the fundamentals of digital photography in a fun, informational and inspirational manner. Using the beautiful Yale Campus as a playground for visual stimulation, the students will learn to photograph landscapes, portraits of friends, nature and life in action. Through interactive workshops the students will discover an understanding of the camera and will develop an eye and the skills needed to capture, edit and produce high quality photographs.

You will encourage students to develop their own unique style of photography through exposing students to a variety of photographic styles. At the end of the summer school students should understand the techniques involved in digital photography and editing photographs for the desired effect. They will engage their creative talents and produce photographs that will inspire others. 

The final projects produced by the students will be showcased in the photography exhibit as part of the ISSOS creative evening and displayed in the summer school newspaper, the ISSOS Times. Applicants for this role must have experience in teaching young people and have vast knowledge of photography techniques, styles & skills.

As an ISSOS teacher, you will have your own class of international students aged between 13 – 18 years old. Classes are intentionally kept small in order to provide individual attention, personalised instruction and create an encouraging and supportive environment for students to learn while having fun and making new friends from around the world. Although we give every teacher a guide as to what each lesson should achieve we encourage our teachers to bring their own experience and personality to each class and create their own lesson plans.

Student Leadership Internship

All of our summer positions at Yale can be taken on as paid summer internships that will offer you a host of benefits while having an incredible summer experience. An internship by definition should enhance your personal and professional development and at ISSOS we are dedicated to helping each member of our team grow and develop over summer by offering them the opportunity to get involved with all aspects of the summer school.

Our Student Leadership Internship (SLI) offers you the chance to learn by doing while supervised by an industry professional. Depending on your skill set or chosen career path you can apply for positions to teach, lead activities and the responsibility of child welfare, take on a business admin role or choose to document the ISSOS experience by managing our media. Whatever you choose to apply for, if successful you will be actively involved every day and learning at every turn.

Skills & Qualifications: 

Extensive knowledge of all photography techniques, skills and styles

Previous experience of teaching photography

Knowledge and experience in using photo editing software

To Apply: 

All applications should be submitted through our online portal >

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Freddie Kennedy
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0044 3300 777 247