Public Art Mural Installation - Word Play Way at Douglas Park

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Organization Information:

The David L. Hoyt Education Foundation was formed to develop and promote play-based and collaborative learning. We recognize the need to encourage and foster education, community, and responsible citizenship. We create accessible experiences and related curricula that engage learners with fun and interactive games and puzzles. The foundation, and its team, values teamwork, fun, innovation, critical thinking, leadership, empathy, creativity, and literacy. 


Project Overview:

We are excited to announce that the David L. Hoyt Foundation has partnered with the Chicago Poetry Center to present a special poetry edition of Word Play Way.

The goal of Word Play Way is to advocate play and literacy through the power of words. We hope by bringing this project to Douglas Park, North Lawndale, we can provide members of the community with a way to engage with each other.  

This public art project will be painted on the sidewalk using 1500 letter stencils to create over 5000 letters. The letters form words spelled out in winding patterns, and the words become the poem.  The installation will cover a footpath within Douglas Park, near the corner of California and Ogden, in North Lawndale. 


Volunteer Roles Available:

  • Installation: Painting the Word Play Way on the sidewalk
  • Dedication Event: Launch event set up, documentation and general upkeep
  • Programming: Participating in Word Play Way programming, promoting the project to classes and community groups in North Lawndale


Time Line:

  • Community Info Session: July 25th, 2018, 6:30 pm, Douglas Park Field House
  • Volunteer Orientation: July 27th, 2018, 4:00 pm, Chicago Literacy Alliance
  • Installation: First week of August 2018, Douglas Park
Skills & Qualifications: 

Volunteer Roles and Job Responsibilities:

Installation Volunteer: Paint the sidewalk with the Word Play Way using stencils and paint. This role would suit Volunteers who are able to be activate and don’t mind getting dirty!

  • Paint stencils on the sidewalk

  • Reorganize stencils into new grid patterns

  • Distribute lunches

  • Set up and clean up site on a daily basis

  • Answer any questions

  • Take photos and upload them to our Google Drive

  • General upkeep


Dedication Event Volunteer: Help run the day’s activities for the Dedication Event held for Word Play Way with the Community of North Lawndale.  

  • Assist with Dedication Event

  • Participate in programming

  • Set up and clean up site

  • Mind catering table

  • Help with event activities

  • Answer any questions

  • Take photos and upload them to our Google Drive

  • General upkeep

Programming Volunteer: Help the Word Play Way curators create and promote programming and curriculum for Word Play Way. This would suit Volunteers who are familiar with education and know classes or educators in the community.  

  • Liaise with the Word Play Way Curators to create programming

  • Participate in programming

  • Promote programming to classes, youth groups, and North Lawndale community organizations

To Apply: 

Interested in volunteering? Contact Lily Pook-Ryan at or on 312-619-9821.

Contact Information
Contact Name: 
Lily Pook-Ryan
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