I am single, professional and frankly overworked man in need of a part-time personal assistant.  I value the arts and I would like to hire a personal assistant with an artistic sensibility.

I am a highly organized, goal-oriented person that enjoys maintaining an organized life and a well kept home.  I do not have the time to devote to a variety of errands and personal details in my life and, as well, I need help in cleaning and maintaining my home.  I am simply to focused, at this time, on my work to devote the necessary attention to these important details.  I would like to hire one person who can help me with a variety of things: that range from the work of a personal assistant to cleaning and maintaining my home.  I would prefer to have one person help me with these matters instead of multiple people—as that would simply add yet another level of work to my life.

No experience is required for the personal assistant role—other than these skills: attention detail, solid tech/computer skills, e.g., ability to easily and efficiently handle emails, etc., and strong organizational skills.  In terms of my home: the required skills revolve around cleaning and maintaining an organized home.

I am a fairly independent person and I do not require full-time assistance. My best guess as this point is this position requires somewhere between 8-10 hours a week, more or less.

To Apply: 

Please send a brief email and resume.