Music Director

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The Music Director conducts a wide range of young performers for a musical, while helping to instill a love of theatre, an excitement for performance, and a willingness to collaborate. He/she must possess excellent communication and organizational skills, must be self-motivated, efficient, and creative. Experience working with children is especially important.
The following are the duties and responsibilities of the Music Director:
1. The Music Director will participate in a production meeting prior to auditions. The production meeting will be attended by the creative team.
2. The Music Director will meet with the Artistic Director prior to auditions to discuss responsibilities and duties for the show.
3. The Music Director will attend all auditions and provide input. Cast selection decisions will be by the Director.
4. The Music Director will attend callbacks, if deemed necessary.
5. The Music Director is required to attend all rehearsals that require music 
     and all performances.
6. The Music Director should be a proficient pianist and potentially accompany shows with the pit.
Other Requirements
Must have a passion for teaching, working with, and inspiring children.  Ability to help children with a broad range of abilities and ages to work together in a supportive and positive environment. Must be organized and prepared for each rehearsal in order to keep rehearsals flowing smoothly with minimal downtime. Must be willing to meet outside of rehearsals and communicate via email and/or phone as needed in order to collaborate with Director about the vision of the production. Ability to adequately challenge a broad range of young performers through choice of vocal techniques.  Candidates whose vision and ideals align with Marquee Youth's vision will be given the utmost consideration
Skills & Qualifications: 
- Teach healthy vocal technique that reaches multiple styles ("legit", belt, mix, etc.)
- Vast knowledge of classical, musical theatre, pop, R&B, and jazz vocal repertoire
- Fluent in piano or at least able to plunk notes and chords, as well as play vocalises
- 4+ years of teaching experience
- Bachelors degree in voice, music, or theatre
- Being early/on time (even when there's traffic and the rain is coming down hard...)
- Organizational skills
- Consistency and reliability
- Love for inspiring and educating
- Compassion, empathy, positivity, creativity, and initiative
- A sense of humor!
- Open communication (with the director of the program, with students, and with parents)
- Good with e-mail/text messaging (as this is how you may be communicating with the director and parents)
- Reliable transportation to St Charles
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