Multi-Discipline Artist Assistant: Mentorship Opportunity for Recent Graduates, Senior Undergrads, and Qualifying Aspiring Professional Artists


This position is for aspiring artists interested in mentorship; in getting their foot in the door; in furthering their education actively in the professional fine arts culture.

This position is only for those serious about pursuing a long term career in the arts.  It is intended to be a learning opportunity for recent graduates or soon to be graduates with a desire to learn how to operate successfully and independently in the professional world.  You must understand that the work style of an artist is essentially parallel to that of an entrepreneur.  Your passion for your own craft is as critical as your willingness to learn.  If this describes you, you already have the qualities most crucial to development and success.

As a learning experience, it is ideal that you are indeed a practicing artist.  In a sense, this position is simultaneously a part time and full time gig.  While I'll only ask for 10-30 hours of commitment a week, you are both welcome and encouraged to consider further engagement when needed and when time allows.  During work hours outside of those I request, I would also encourage you to be vigilant in your own practice; be it the application of the concepts you learn towards your own artistic pursuit, or work that supplements your cost of living.



The professional artist, being an entrepreneur, will face myriad obstacles in which resolution is dependent on a flexible and open mind. Depending on your focus, you should already be familiar with some of the following skills.  That which you are not experienced in, you will be expected to learn through application and supervision.

  • Critical theory (In both the studio and the administrative portion of self-employment)
  • Studio processes and techniques (Canvas preparation, utility of various tools & mediums)
  • Marketing & Outreach (Social media maintenance, newsletter preparation, collaboration with the press)
  • Networking (project proposals, presentations and public speaking)
  • Crowdsourcing (project development, funding strategies, marketing strategies)
  • Exhibition (project development, application of the above skills, show installation)
  • Supplementary Digital skills (digital filming & editing, digital image editing, additional Adobe Suite techniques, general software exposure; such as to Aeon Timeline, Mailchimp, Hootsuite, etc.)
  • Sales (Closing sales, packaging & shipping out of state sales, web store maintenance)
  • Research & archiving (efficiency principles, organizational techniques, inventory maintenance)
  • Creative problem solving (theory and application)
  • Drafting (preparation of written necessities such as contracts, press releases, proposals, etc.)
  • Collaboration (commission negotiation, proposals, maintaining rapport)
  • Presentation (documenting work, writing artists' statements, sealing completed work)


Our joint endeavors will primarily focus on visual art, with a secondary but critical emphasis on film, and its relativity to business and marketing.  The social night life intrinsic to the artistic lifestyle will be a tertiary focus.  There is constantly an overlap between work and play in this industry, and it should be enjoyed and appreciated as much as it is observed with professional control. 

Regarding long term goals, there will be an initiative to evolve my sole proprietorship into a non-profit with the goal of fostering growth in the artistic community. 


Neither the artist nor the entrepreneur walk a linear path.  Your income is entirely dependent on your efforts and success.  You cannot shy away from failure, and you must be confident that you will recover and prevail in face of obstacle and adversity.

Income will follow a stipend/freelance format.  We will negotiate contracts on a project-to-project basis.  What you should expect is that you are paid only if I am paid.  Essentially, you are guaranteed a portion of earnings and capital, dependent on both your level of involvement in and the yield of net profits per project.  

Yes, we all need currency to survive.  As they say, money makes the world turn.  Your mentality should be such that your earnings are earned in earnest.  This is an opportunity to learn first hand what may take you years to learn independently, if you even get that far!  Artists make up a small percentage of the population.  Successful artists take up an even more diminutive portion.  Again, you need to trust not only in my coaching, supervision and mentorship, but your own capacity to succeed.


There will be instances in which travel is required.  In such cases, I will provide for travel expenses such as plane tickets, car rentals and lodging.  Duration will be negotiable, depending on our schedules and how much time we’d like to allocate towards recreation.  After all, the entirety of this experience should be as fulfilling for you as it is for me.  If we earn ourselves extra time for R&R or fun, then why not capitalize? :)

Currently, out of state plans are definitive for Miami Beach, Wichita and Iowa, with New York, Colorado, Milwaukee, and California as pending destinations.

Skills & Qualifications: 

It is assumed that as an aspiring artist and recent graduate (or 4th year undergrad), you are already knowledgeable in a selection of the skills listed above.  It is also assumed, that if you exhibit the traits described in the introduction, that you are qualified.

Trust is a two way street.  As an educational opportunity, it is important that you trust in my own qualifications, and my capacity to guide.  A brief summary of my history:

I grew up as an honors student impatient with the education system.  Having felt let down by it, I enlisted in the United States Marine Corps, where I honed my tenacity and insatiable curiosity into focused discipline.  I served as an electrical engineer and expert rifleman, utilizing my extracurricular time for administrative duties.  Following my service, I was accepted into the University of Illinois, where I pursued a BFA and invested my extracurricular time then into our student run gallery.  Immediately after college, I was accepted into an artists’ collective, where I additionally joined the administrative team, eventually qualifying to manage a team of interns.  This entire set of chapters of my life can be described as an unpaid interning experience supplemented by part time work in a variety of work sectors, including white collar publishing, invoicing, retail, service, operations, visual merchandising, and administrative assistance.  Having felt sufficiently experienced in the professional world, I left my final corporate job in winter of 2015, to pursue a fully self-sustained career in the arts.

Artistic professions are demanding and unforgiving.  But for those with the right combination of traits, the yield is priceless.  The neo-bohemian lifestyle may not be the most financially stable, but it has countless secondary appeals, such as prestige and recognition.  And as you should already know, it has the potential to explode into remarkable success and indescribable fulfillment.

I can still recall the impact that every mentor I’ve had has made on my life.  To pass down wisdom is to keep the spirit of our predecessors alive. 

To Apply: 

Include in your application a cover letter, a resume, a CV (if applicable), and links to any portfolios you may have.  The interview process will be two-fold.  Accepted applicants will be invited to an introductory group interview, in which I will reiterate and elaborate on the points made above, in addition to screening each candidate through a series of questions.

Those who make it to the second portion of the interview process will be subjected to a one-on-one shadowing session with me, in which we will test our compatibility through a trial run in both the studio, and the social aspect of the artistic lifestyle.

I aim to hire 1-2 assistants, depending on availability and compatibility.  Work will begin immediately, with the first two projects being the launch of a crowdsourcing endeavor in March, and preparation for an exhibition in April.  Following these projects are pending exhibitions: four pending shows in Chicago, four pending shows out of state, and approximately 6 target venues that have voiced interest, but have not yet been formally approached with proposals.  There are also a series of documentary projects that are currently mapped out to two month development schedules.

Apply only if you are seriously invested in pursuing your career, and putting in the effort to hasten that through the centralized convenience of a mentorship.  I look forward to your submissions!

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