Marketing Manager, Ticketing Services


Chicago Shakespeare’s newly created position of Marketing Manager, Ticketing Services leads the operational efforts that support successful ticket sales and fulfillment for an annual audience of over 225,000 across multiple venues. As a vital member of the Marketing and Sales team, this role supervises Box Office operations, and is responsible for building all elements for events and packages on sale in Tessitura—guaranteeing accurate reporting, along with agent-friendly procedures for box office personnel and patrons transacting across any available sales channel. The ideal candidate thrives within a dynamic planning process, translating innovative producing ideas into streamlined systems in Tessitura,

all while fostering exceptional customer service and collaboration within the
Box Office team.




Director of Marketing and Sales



BoxOffice Supervisors

Box OfficeAgents




Hours:  Monday – Friday business hours with some night and weekend work




Sales-goal oriented and responsive infrastructure

  • Understand the timeline of on-sale announcements and individual promotions, making certain targeted offers are on sale on time.
  • Implement strategies devised by Marketing and Sales/Producing Offices to increase sales and attendance.
  • Monitor ticket sales progress towards goals and maximize opportunities to exceed goals.
  • Provide suggestions to improve ticket sales systems for best possible patron experience.


Hire, train, andsuperviseBoxOfficeStaff

  • Interview and select Box Office staff members as company needs require.
  • ScheduleshiftsforBoxOffice, managingtimeandskillsstrategically.
  • Trainstafftoservecustomersinavarietyofpotential scenarios.
  • Train staff for basic and advanced skills on Tessitura.
  • Clearly convey sales goals to Box Office sales agents.
  • Prepare and submit weekly payroll for Box Office employees.


Drive Box Office operations

  • Ensure Box Office supervisors and leads are trained and empowered to lead box office operations and agents on a day-to-day basis.
  • Conveyacomprehensiveunderstandingofthemanysubscriptions, promotions, pricepointsandseatingmapsto staff.
  • Ensureallmembers of BoxOfficestaffarefamiliar withcompanyupdates, promotions, programming, technology, etc.
  • Connect Box Office staff with other departments of the organization to promote collaboration.
  • Inconsultationwithotherleadership, setboxofficehours.
  • Select and train candidates from within to perform specific functions in support of the department (Group Sales, Shift Supervision, Scheduling, Tessitura Maintenance, etc.)
  • Overseeticketing and subscriptionfulfillment by Box Office Staff, communicating with patrons by phone, e-mail, and mail.


Ticketing SystemManagement

  • Asproductionseatingconfigurationsanddatesbecomeavailable, buildseatingmaps and price zones for each production.
  • Buildand update all subscription packages and alterative multi-ticket productsaddedthroughouttheseason.
  • Design print and e-tickets for each production.
  • Maintain performance-related keywords.
  • Regularly update prices and promotions in support of meeting sales goals.
  • Continually ensureallmembers of BoxOfficestaffremain up-to-date on Tessitura setup that impacts their day-to-day work.
  • Act as a one of the primary contact with Tessitura Tech Services (ticketing support consultants).
  • Remainfamiliarwithintegratedticketing/patronsystems, includingbothTessituraandrelatedsoftware. Keep appraisedofallcurrenttrendsintheareaofticketingfortheperformingartsandliveeventindustry.
Skills & Qualifications: 


  • Minimum of two yearsof experiencemanaging ticketing staff and setting up ticketing sales for a performing arts institution.


Traits and attributes:

  • Keen marketing acumen
  • Skill in activating human capital
  • Technology fluency and curiosity
  • Impeccable attention to detail.
  • Excellent customer service instincts aligned with company mission and core values



  • Expertise with ticketing software, preferably Tessitura.
  • People management
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite and Windows
  • Familiarity with season ticket packages



  • Ability to teach others to speak confidently about productions to patrons
  • Ability tomanageup, seeking information from all areas of the company as needed
  • Thinking ahead to anticipate departmental needs on a short and long-term basis
  • Comfort with to making change on short notice
  • Ability to delegate tasks as needed to achieve departmental goals.
To Apply: 

To be considered for this position, please submit your resume and a brief cover letter describing your interest, experience, and how you heard about this position to Candidates of interest will be contacted by a representative of the Theater; no phone calls, please.
Chicago Shakespeare is committed to building diversity and inclusion onstage and throughout the organization.

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