Intern with a fun theater organization that actually needs you!

We are a small theater company that has been in the Pilsen community for twenty years putting on plays in Spanish, teaching and introducing people to this art. Recently, we have acquired a 1200 sq foot space in the Bridgeport area that will serve as a theater, classroom, gallery and photo studio.

Until now, the company has focused in the artistic side of operations, leaving administration unattended. However with our new space, we need to grow, so we need your help.
We are looking for interns to help us grow and achieve targets in many directions such as:
Stage design and build
Found rising
Graphic design
Students recruitment
Stage management
Box office volunteer management
Space scheduling
Web development
Public Relations and networking
Professional development
Event organizing

The internship will be based on projects. After we have the first interview, you will present a simple project that you think could help the the organization. This could go from organizing a fundraising party, open mic night, film club, circus night, a marketing campaign for the classes or the plays, lighting design, sound design, space design, public service announcements campaign or a media marketing campaign.

We are a non for profit organization 5o1c3 so we want to grow to our best potential and hope you will join us on that journey. 7735763834

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