Gig: Assistant Video Editor for a Rappaport Studio Film Project

Submitted by mdw606 on Thu, 11/16/2017 - 5:08pm

Rappaport Studio Chicago & Evanston is seeking a video editor to assist with the final production edits of artist Mat Rappaport's "Touristic Intents." This will include mapping the available documentary footage's time-coding and building a pass-through cut that removes garbage footage, integrates additional footage, and results in a completed version of the film, as well as producing short clips for social media, and teaser trailers.

For more info on the project:

“Touristic Intents” explores the connection between mass tourism, ideology and the industrialization of the leisure time. The film is centered on a case study; the never completed Nazi resort in Prora, Germany. The mammoth site was built to house 20,000 vacationing working-class Germans. The building was used in propaganda to forward a promise of leisure time and strengthen sympathies between the working class Volk who were their main support base and the Nazi party. It also occurred at a time when commercialization of leisure worldwide, as an aspect of the industrialization, was emerging as a driving force of modernity; as with most of the different types of instrumentalization under Nazism, Prora went too far.

Symbolizing the idyllic notions of a pure-blooded population living in harmonious oblivion of the travails of the outside world, Prora came to represent the insularity granted the Volk by an totalitarian and openly bloodthirsty Reich, and therefore of the willful ignorance required to believe it capable of the beneficence the vacation resort was supposedly built to demonstrate. Indeed, it’s therefore fitting that the site was never completed by the Nazis; instead, the construction was completed by the equally authoritarian Socialist East German government who used it as a semi-secret military training site that also included a small officer’s resort. During this time, the site housed the largest group of conscientious objectors. Currently, the building is being redeveloped with a youth hostel, apartments, condominiums and hotels with no small amount of debate as to its existence as a monument to collusion between a willfully ignorant German population and the murderous state that ignorance helped prop up and prolong.

This project has deep resonances and personal meaning for me, and is especially relevant given the resurgence of bigotry and nationalism worldwide. We need to closely examine our most iconic examples of fascism to understand the complexity of forces which support these ideologies. Slogans, icons and event architectural artifacts need interpretation to understand their culture. This film takes a unique approach to architectural interpretation by exploring how each political regime (fascist, socialist and capitalist) reframes the meaning and significance of this unique site. The film also asks what, if any responsibility we have to acknowledge and educate the public about these varied histories.


Skills & Qualifications: 

We are seeking an experienced video editor with available clips to clearly show their familiarity with video editing systems and a history of work in video art media.

To Apply: 

Please send a resume/c.v. and links to a minimum of 3 previous work products to Rappaport Studio manager Michael Workman at The deadline for all applications is December 15, 2017.

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Michael Workman