DanceWorks Chicago_ Executive Director

Submitted by danceworks on Mon, 12/04/2017 - 2:29pm

DanceWorks Chicago (DWC) invites applicants and nominations for the position of Executive Director (ED).

DWC’s commitment to the advancement of early career artists is a unique part of Chicago's cultural landscape. An incubator focusing on the development of young people, DWC fosters a diverse next generation of movers and makers, empowering early career artists to cultivate their unique voices through skill acquisition and development, collaborations and relationship-building with a global perspective, intense and intentional mentorship, and performances shining a light on dancers and dance. 

The ED provides ethical, strategic, transparent, and values-centered leadership. Equally comfortable managing the external and internal aspects of the job, the ED recognizes the importance of these different spheres to the organization’s ultimate success.  Responsible for oversight and hands-on execution of all key administrative functions, the ED manages fundraising and resource development, financial management, communications/marketing/PR, board governance, human resources (e.g., payroll and benefits), and community relations.  With Co-Founder Andreas Böttcher transitioning away from the organization, the ED will be a collaborative partner with Artistic Director Julie Nakagawa, leading, supporting, and empowering a team of board and staff in service of the mission and vision of DWC.

The full position description may be found HERE.

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