Creative Writing Instructor-Writer's Studio IV

Submitted by tbrown on Wed, 05/16/2018 - 4:25pm
The Chicago High School for the Arts seeks a part-time  instructor for the 2018-19 school year in the Creative Writing department.
Writer's Studio III:  Conservatory hours are 2:00 - 5:00 pm Monday - Friday. This three hour class takes place from 2:00-5:00 PM Fridays. This is a year-long course.
Translating ideas to the page and staying with the work for the time necessary to polish a piece takes stamina, discipline, and resilience. Writer’s Studio is designed to emphasize and support the ChiArts core values of balance and perseverance. Because of the student-writer workload, Writer’s Studio will provide students with significant time to write twice a week. The course gives students a space to draft and polish pieces that are assigned in their creative writing classes and to develop new work based on students’ interests and preferred genre. 
Instruction in Writer’s Studio will focus on the following:
  • Each year, the Studio will emphasize one aspect of writing through mini-lessons, exercises, and experiences.
  • Students will be given significant time to write during each Studio, and frequent individual coaching sessions will guide students through the writing process and address individual needs. 
  • Students may workshop their pieces. They will read each other’s work and provide supportive, constructive, and clear feedback.
  • Additional lessons will be given based on trends and patterns in student work. 
  • Juniors and Seniors will examine their work, create a plan for writing, and develop a book-length senior project
Writer’s Studio IV – Revision (Year 4):
Writer’s Studio IV emphasizes revision. While revision will be integrated throughout the Creative Writing program, in Studio IV, students will undertake a year of seeing their writing anew. Students will identify and practice ways to revise their own work. The Writer’s Studio IV instructor will also serve as an advisor for seniors’ book-length projects.
Position Summary:
The ideal candidate will be a specialist in the field and will have the passion and skills to create a learning environment that will offer rigorous pre-professional arts training that challenges students to achieve at high levels and is experienced in working with high school age students. Instructors at ChiArts will be required to differentiate instruction; design lesson and unit plans that properly assess student achievement and encourage skill development and critical thinking.
Classroom and professional duties include, but are not limited to the following:
+ Embrace and promote the ChiArts vision, mission, educational approach, goals, and core values
+ Prepare structured lessons that encourage and foster skill development, critical thinking, applications, and ethics.
+ Instruct conservatory level courses, serving students with various learning styles, abilities and needs.
+ Employ outstanding classroom management skills and implement the school code of conduct.
+ Regularly assess student achievement, skill mastery and career development skills.
+ Submit unit plans on a timely basis
+ Manage classroom administration and record keeping including: grades, attendance records, student progress and documentation of student work.
+ Regularly communicate with students, parents and other ChiArts staff to share artistic progress, encourage positive behavior, and resolve behavioral and artistic issues.
+ Attend and participate in faculty and administrative meetings, parent conferences, open house, other school functions, and in- service professional development sessions.
+ Collaborate with the staff to develop “best practices” tailored to the unique philosophy and instructional approach of ChiArts and to the needs of its student population.
+ Collaborate with other ChiArts artistic and academic faculty and the larger arts community.
+ Perform other duties as the needs of the school and needs of the students may demand (e.g., competitions, readings.)
+ Work with academic staff to ensure student’s overall success at ChiArts.
Skills & Qualifications: 
Bachelor’s degree
Minimum (7) years professional experience in creative writing or course-related field
Minimum (4) years previous teaching experience at a pre-professional or professional level preferably in the content area.
Prior experience teaching high school students is strongly preferred.
Illinois State Teacher Certification is preferred, but may not be required
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Excellent interpersonal skills
Excellent curriculum development skills
Excellent classroom management ability
Part- time position
Pay will commensurate with experience and qualifications
To Apply: 
Qualified applicants should visit employment page of our website
Qualified applicants should upload the following:
(1) Cover Letter
(2) Resumes (teaching, writing, other related resumes)
(3) 3-5 Professional References: Name, position, telephone number, and email.
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