Call for Latino Outreach Coordinator

Submitted by sidestreet on Tue, 07/31/2018 - 10:43am

Side Street Studio Arts seeking a part-time Latino Outreach Coordinator to work closely with the SSSA Directors in the creation and oversight of our Latino Outreach Program, supported by the Reva & David Logan Foundation. The Latino Outreach Coordinator’s primary responsibilities will include structuring and implementation of our Latino Artist-in-Residence Program and the development of dual-language marketing and program development, implementation, and oversight.


Skills & Requirements:

• 1-2 year commitment required

• 10-20 hours per week required

• Minimum 2-3 years arts administration or similar experience

• Bilingual (English/Spanish), both verbal and written forms

• Lives in Elgin, IL or has extensive knowledge or familiarity with Elgin, IL

• Familiar with Google programs

• Excellent organization, communication (written and verbal), time management, and problem-solving skills

• Professional customer service attitude

• Ability to support and oversee multiple individuals

• Reliable transportation

• Non-profit experience preferred

• Marketing experience preferred



$8,000-10,000 annual stipend, paid out in bi-monthly installments

Free admission and tuition to all SSSA classes and events

Free SSSA LAB Membership, including access to art-making equipment, tools, and resources

Flexible schedule


To apply, please send a cover letter and resume with the subject line “Your Last Name_Latino

Outreach Coordinator” to Questions can also be directed to the

above email. This listing will remain open until the position is filled.


SSSA is located in Elgin, IL. Elgin is a river town of over 108,000 people, located approximately 40

miles west of Chicago. In the 1980’s and 1990’s our historic downtown area went through a major

drought – strip malls pulled away the small business economic drivers, gang-related crime and

violence became prevalent, and with the exception of a few restaurants and businesses, there

were few reasons to visit the area. In the last 10 years, the City of Elgin has worked to reverse

these trends. Elgin has seen crime drop to an all-time low, and artists, cultural events, and those

seeking an urban experience have headed back downtown to lead a creative renaissance. This

means that our downtown and surrounding neighborhoods are an extremely diverse

representation of the City of Elgin as a whole, of which 46% of the population is of Latino decent.

While SSSA works currently to serve our immediate area in a variety of ways, including familyfriendly

programming, in-school arts education, a variety of artist development programs, and

diverse exhibition and performance opportunities, we know there is more that can be done to

ensure that our programming reaches and serves a stronger representation of our area. To that

end, SSSA seeks administration support as we work to develop a fully integrated Latino Outreach

Program, with a primary goal of SSSA reflecting the work, needs, and voices of those in our

community. The Latino Outreach Program will have four main components: support of a yearlong

Latino Artist-in-Residence (AIR) Program; development of an ongoing partnership with at least

one of the multiple area organizations and/or businesses who support the Spanish-speaking

population in Elgin in order to better reach these communities; financial support for some of our

senior artist-educators and staff to grow our in-house ability to speak Spanish; and development

of an independent contractor position within SSSA to work to create ongoing collaborations with

our Spanish-speaking community. 847-429-2276

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Roberto Martinez