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Job Summary

The People's Music School is seeking an experienced band instructor for its Uptown Academy (931 W. Eastwood Ave. Chicago, IL). The instructor will be responsible for leading weekly band rehearsals, preparing for performances, as well as integrating the TPMA music theory curriculum to instruction.

Organization Overview

The People's Music School is a 40-year old institution that has brought the transformative benefits of music to over 10,000 lives across Chicago. Our model is completely tuition-free. We serve kids age 5-18 who otherwise would not be able to afford music education. Since music education has benefits that extend far beyond the artistic benefits, we view ourselves as an institution building future leaders. We build cognitive, academic, and social-emotional skills through an intense and rigorous curriculum. Our students learn with us for up to 12 hours per week and their families fulfill a significant volunteer time requirement. In the last 18 months, the school has grown 2x under new leadership composed of alumni from Bain & Company and A Better Chicago, and world-class experience from a newly energized Board of Directors.  And we're just getting started...

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Skills & Qualifications: 
  • Deliver high-quality concert band instruction to students in Grades 4-12 
  • Deliver theory instruction per our curriculum to prepare students to successfully complete theory assessments
  • Select a variety of repertoire that is challenging for students and reflects the values of the school
  • Provide assessment of students’ musical and behavioral progress
  • Act as a mentor to each student and create positive rapport with students
  • Collaborate with parents, administrative staff, and other faculty 
  • Timely correspondence with Program Manager, school staff, and parents 
  • Active participation in faculty meetings, adjudication of juries, and student performances



  • Minimum level of education required is a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution in music education or performance 
  • Prior experience teaching band and music theory is required, including: leading rehearsals & performances, selecting repertoire, and a demonstrated knowledge of wind pedagogy 
  • Ability to work Wednesdays 4:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Self-motivated and unflappable; ability to work effectively in a busy school environment
  • Experience working with children from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds
  • Knowledge of appropriate repertoire for band students
To Apply: 

Please send your resume as well as a video of you conducting a band rehearsal or performance to Joshua deVries, Program Manager, Uptown Academy at

For more information about The People’s Music School, please visit:

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Joshua deVries
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