Art Instructor for Saint Nicholas School of the Arts

Saint Nicholas Ukrainian School of the Arts is looking to hire a professional, dynamic, and reliable art instructor with a passion for working with children. An instructor with additional art/painting experience will be preferred. Hours are flexible and will be determined by the amount of students that sign up.

Classes will take place at the Saint Nicholas Ukrainian School of the Arts, located at 2200 W. Rice Street. Chicago IL 60622. It is the building located right next to the Saint Nicholas elementary school. 

The students' age range will be between 7-14 years old, and the ability levels of the students are slightly varied, although it is a primarily beginning level class. It is important that the instructor have a disciplined approach to art, instilling a level of respect and appreciation for the art form, while still incorporating a level of fun and having a positive attitude in his/her interactions with the students. 

Skills & Qualifications: 

Responsibilities include:

  • Arriving 15 minutes prior to the start of class to set up and walk with children from the elementary school to the arts building
  • Tracking attendance and individually emailing all of the parents their children's attendance each month, along with any important announcements
  • Arranging for a substitute instructor if the teacher is unable to be present on a day when class is in session
  • Self-motivation and self-direction in setting curriculum and lesson plans in advance of each class and adjusting throughout the school year as necessary, keeping in mind the students' interests and progress
To Apply: 

Please send your resume to Andrew (Andriy) Chuyko, the director of the school. His email is:, and please make sure to include your phone number. 


Contact Information
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773 592 9761