After School Tutor/Mentor

Do you love working with youth and want to give back to the community?


Our after-school educational program, The Howard Area Clubhouse, is seeking talented, experienced Tutors in reading and math for students between grades 4 and 12. We help both struggling and gifted youth reach their full potential by supplementing the instruction they receive in class and guiding them toward study practices and aides that can help them excel. As a tutor, you will become an official Mentor of the Clubhouse with access to some of our resources while we can assist you in resume and career-building for your future!

Tutors work with individual students one-on-one, though we occasionally organize group activities for students who are studying the same material. Their tutoring will take place between the hours of 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm on weekdays. Once tutoring ends, they will resume to their designated department/project as a part of the Clubhouse curriculum until 6:30 pm. These projects are inspired by a general interests in video games, anime, comic books, and anything else in between.

In addition to tutoring, we encourage our Mentors to implement their other talents to our Clubhouse program. We open our arms to artists, video gamers, cosplayers, anime heads, and other nerds in between! If you are neither of those traits, that is okay too! These Mentors are more than tutors, they’re almost like the big brothers and sisters for our elite teens to look up to and to help achieve their goals! Our team recruits the most brilliant and ambitious teens to our program, and we hold our Mentors to that same standard!

This is a volunteer opportunity with food provided.




-Meet youth at the Clubhouse and go over their homework assignments

-Ask youth about specific topics or subject areas that are giving them trouble or that warrant further exploration

-Review recent homework assignment and test scores, and work through problems or questions that the student did not answer correctly

-Ask youth to turn their official grades in to you for the Mentor Coordinator to keep on record

-Employ proven study aides to prepare for upcoming tests and quizzes

-Take notes during tutoring sessions so you can follow up with the youth later

-Communicate with parents/guardians about trouble areas or any other issue that requires attention

-Write a brief daily log of your progress with the youth for the Mentor Coordinator measure your success

-Other responsibilities outside of the tutoring yet within the Mentor description is determined by the Mentor Coordinator, if necessary


Benefits and Training


-The opportunity to explore one’s interest in a cutting edge environment

-The opportunity to help young people build skills and confidence

-Volunteer experience

-Orientation and ongoing training as needed while mentoring, aligned to the MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnership’s Elements of Effective Practice for Mentoring

-Workshops related to current and new technologies

Skills & Qualifications: 

-Minimum of 2-3 days of a week of commitment

-Must either have a college degree or currently pursuing one

-Teaching certificate preferred

-3+ years’ experience tutoring children and teenagers

-Ability to pass a background check

-Able to develop positive rapport with youth

-Excellent communication skills

-Established proficiency in reading and/or math

-Bi-lingual in Spanish is a plus

To Apply: 

If interested, please submit a resume with cover letter to Athena Mayo at

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Athena Mayo
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