Adult Theatre Director

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The Adult Theatre Director is responsible for the entirety of the adult theatre productions at Playhouse 38, from planning stages through the performances.



The Adult Theatre Director reports to the SPRC Facility Manager and Superintendent of Recreation.


Essential Functions:

  1. Ability to work confidently with people aged 18+ of all abilities.
  2. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  3. High level of interpersonal skills, especially in working across multiple departments and with external professionals.
  4. Effective IT skills.
  5. Project management skills; especially organization, time management and prioritization skills.
  6. Ability to adhere to financial boundaries as set forth through production budgets.
  7. Ability to contribute creatively to the work of Playhouse 38 including planning productions and special events.
  8. Actively participate in set builds from concept-phase to completion.
  9. Supervise participants at all times and maintain a safe learning environment.
  10. Effectively communicate with parents of the participants.
  11. Maintain current CPR and Standard First Aid certifications.
  12. Administer First Aid according to the Park District’s Communicable Disease Policy.
  13. Understand the Park District’s safety procedures and requirements.  This includes completion and follow-through on all accident reports, emergency safety procedures, reporting of hazardous equipment, facilities, or conditions and the conduct of any employees under their supervision.  Report all incidents and potential hazards to the safety committee as soon as possible.
  14. Other duties as assigned.


Marginal Functions:

  1. Attend in-service trainings and meetings as directed by supervisor.
  2. Assist all employees of the Park District as needed.


Physical Requirements:
  1. Handling Park District materials up to 50 pounds.  Assistance provided when necessary.


Cognitive Considerations:

  1. Resolve differences and problems that arise with patrons and work together with employees.
  2. The Adult Theatre Director must exhibit good problem-solving ability and good judgment in keeping with the mission of the Park District.
Skills & Qualifications: 


The Adult Theatre Director must be at least 18 years of age and have experience/knowledge in materials presented in class as well as criminal background clearance and current CPR and First Aid certifications; present oneself as a positive role model and have strong leadership skills, and maintain the ability to communicate effectively with patrons and parents. Experience leading a theatre, directing theatre or experience in drama workshop facilitation.

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