Shorts Program II - Hearts In Darkness

Friday, March 2, 2018 - 9:00pm to 11:00pm

Some people are just bad, awful, down right evil! This program has blackmail, obsession, manhunts and a serial killer: sounds like a fun night at the movies!

2017 | 9 mins
An Irish man picks up a moody hitchhiker while on vacation in the Czech Republic which leads to a personality clash. View Trailer
Directors: Gerard McKenzie
Producer: Jan Dobysek
2017 | 19 mins
A woman is haunted by a dark watcher, a man obsessed with thoughts of her vicious murder; but as the fateful hour draws near brutal events unfold to reveal truths they could never imagine. View Trailer

DirectorGarret Walsh
Producer: Kathy Hogan & Michael Parle

Best Short Film Richard Harris International Film Festival 2017;
World Cinema Short Award Culver City Film Festival 2017

2017 | 
22 mins
An ex NI detective winds down his career in a small rural town until the murder of his daughter sets him on a headlong hunt for the killer. View Trailer

DirectorSteve McCarten
Producer: Johnny Griffith

Special Jury Award Girona Film Festival Spain 2017​;
​ Best Thriller Oniros Film Awards Italy 2017 

2017 | 15 mins
Claire’s son has been missing for a year, yet Claire lives each day as if her son was there, but how long can this go on? View Trailer

DirectorClaire Byrne 
Producer: Joe Halpin

2017 | 20 mins
A doctor has risen to the top of her profession. She has a near perfect life until her past comes back to haunt her. View Trailer

DirectorMartina McGlynn & Garret Daly 
Producers: Gerry Burke, Victoria Smurfit & Shane Fitzpatrick

Irish Film & Television Awards Nominee: Best Live Action Short 2018;
Grand Prize Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017;
Audience Award Richard Harris International Film Festival 2017
2017 | 17 mins
When a young man drops out of college to care for his agoraphobic mother he finds himself increasingly isolated a factor at odds with his foray into amateur astronomy. View Trailer

Director: Richard Keaney 
Producer: David Christopher Lynch


2017 | 12 mins
A young father must fight to save his son, when he finds out that his friends are being replaced by people with beards. View Trailer

DirectorAnthony Kinsella
Producer: James Galvin

Best Horror Cannes Short Film Festival 2017;
Best European Short London X4 Short Film Festival 2017

2016 | 12 mins
During a traffic jam on a country road a little girl goes missing from one of the cars, her father forms a desperate search party to find her, and soon everyone is a suspect. View Trailer

DirectorIan Hunt Duffy
Producer: Simon Doyle

Best Thriller Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2017;
Grand Prix Irish Cork International Film Festival 2016;
Jury Award Edmonton International Film Festival 2017;
Light In Motion Award Foyle Film Festival 2016;
Best Short Washington DC Shorts Film Festival 2017

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United States
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