Seeking hosts for intimate house concert style shows

Submitted by danmangan on Tue, 12/05/2017 - 2:19pm
Saturday, February 10, 2018 (All day)

Hello Chicagoans,


We’re looking for cultural connectors in your area who own, rent, or care for an interesting room or space where intimate performances of music or other art could happen. This could be a living room, a loft, a book store, an art gallery, a barn, an alcove, even a laundromat - just so long as the host believes in the power of culture in community and wants to be a part of some magic.


Who are we? 


Side Door. It’s a tech startup. An online platform that aims to bring people together offline for real human tactile experiences. 


The premise is that:


- Anyplace can be a venue so long as there’s a motivated host 

- Trimming the overhead of touring allows even emerging acts to make a living at their craft

- Ticketing can be transparent and fair, and people should know where their money is going

- Intimate spaces can cultivate incredible experiences for artist and audience alike

- More than ever, we need excuses to feel inspired and human


The idea is that if an artist’s footprint cannot be wide, it should at least be deep. Think AirBnB for concerts/lectures/screenings/improv/etc, but we match performers and hosts like Tinder, so people who normally wouldn’t have access to artists now do (and vice versa, artists can circumvent the gatekeepers of the entertainment industry and tour in a direct-to-audience gigging economy).


Speaking from experience as an artist myself, playing to 30 people in a club that fits 200 can be a heartbreaking and financially crippling situation, whereas playing to those same 30 people in a living room can not only make a profit but create lifelong connections to that community.


We are still in early beta phase, and our website is not all that impressive looking yet, but we are building an incredible back end and the company is growing like crazy. We’re based in Canada (where the bulk of our hostbase is thus far), but we are developing strong roots into the United States as well as Europe. Nearly 200 hosts and 300 artists and growing every day.


We’ve put Tim Baker of Hey Rosetta! in a bookstore. We’ve put The Rural Alberta Advantage in a living room. We’ve put Charles Spearin and Brendan Canning of Broken Social Scene in an art studio.


NOW - we have a very interesting carrot to dangle when it comes to Chicago and the date February 10, 2018.


Hollerado is touring the US supporting Portugal. The Man (whose massive hit “Feel It Still” you’ve likely heard whether you know it or not). Their bus has a pit stop in Chicago on Feb 10 and we’re looking for an interesting and inviting special kind of unconventional space for Hollerado to play an acoustic set that evening.


How does it work?


- You join our database (by clicking HERE)

- Email me so we know to look for you for this show!

- We figure out the capacity of your space and put the show up for sale with our ticketing system

- You spread the word to your local community to take a chance on a unique and special intimate concert (using email, word of mouth, carrier pigeon, facsimile, smoke signal, telepathy, or social media, if that’s your thing)

- We help you promote the show via Facebook

- Nobody gets your address until they’ve bought a ticket

- Never hosted anything like this before? We will help you navigate the process and help set you up to win

- The band takes 80% of the revenue. Side Door takes 10% and you’ll take 10% to help cover any costs (snacks?) or clean up. Everybody gets paid as soon as the show has happened.

- Your friends adore you and thank you forever for fostering such a cool community event


Okay, that’s likely enough from me. Apologies for the novel length post. Thank you so much for taking the time.



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