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Our Anniversary: A Celebration

Friday, January 6, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

To celebrate a year of being active we're hosting #AnotherSocial this time we're featuring the works of 'Araba Ankuma' she will be showing her never before seen work 'Chi-Boys' 

About Araba & 'Chi-Boys' 

“There are those who are there for themselves. And those who are here for everyone else. I want to be the latter.”
Araba Ankuma is a documentary and editorial photographer based in Philadelphia, PA. Her work touches on themes of Invisibility and Hypervisibility within a world that so desperately lacks human empathy. By approaching social issues through her visual scope, she aims to illuminate the invisible narratives of the people who exist both underneath and on the periphery of our world’s societies.

“Chi Boys” is the culmination of research conducted throughout the summer of 2016, to bring to light a side of the black male that has been so heavily neglected. What motivates the African-American man to contribute each day to a society that gives so little back? That instead abuses and discards him. Over the course of the summer and throughout various parts of the city, she asked each participant the question. “what is your biggest fear?” in the hopes that by knowing what man is running from, we may better understand what they are running towards.


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