Nonprofit Start-Up Workshop with Lawyers for the Creative Arts

Wednesday, October 3, 2018 - 5:30pm to 9:00pm

Now in its 17th year, LCA’s Nonprofit Start-up Workshop is designed to help you through the legalities and business issues you'll face in launching your new nonprofit organization. We help you to complete the necessary state and federal forms and provide a wealth of practical advice including business, governance, and financial matters for star-up nonprofits. Each participant receives a thumb drive with 4 MB of valuable forms and other documentation.

Few attorneys have LCA’s years of experience in these important topics. Our Workshops give you the ability to do everything you would otherwise have to retain a private attorney to do for you. We cover:

  • Incorporate?
    • Reasons to incorporate, reasons not to.
    • Alternatives that can work for you.
    • Completing necessary forms, bylaws, articles of incorporation, and more.
  • Best Practices for Nonprofit Start-ups.
    • Basics of budgeting, projecting revenues and costs.
    • Strategies for nonprofit fundraising.
    • Holding directors’ meetings, filling necessary officers’ positions.
    • Key issues in governance for nonprofits.
  • Tax Exempt Status -- Do You Need It?
    • The reasons to obtain federal tax exempt status, reasons why you might not need to, and some alternatives that may work for you.
    • How to maintain your tax exemption
    • Other operating issues.
  • How to File for 501(c)(3) Status.
    • Line-by-line instructions for completing the tax exemption applications

The fee for one person is $50 or $75 for two people from the same organization. We encourage more than one person to attend. A full package of materials is provided.

Event Info:
​Wednesday, October 3rd, 2018
 ​LOCATION TBD (will be in or in close proximity to the Loop)


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TBD (will be in or in close proximity to the Loop)
Chicago  Illinois
United States
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