LCA LawSmarts: How to Monetize Your Artwork with Image Licensing

Thursday, December 14, 2017 - 6:00pm to 7:00pm

Artists of all kinds are ever asking the question of how to make a living wage solely creating artwork. The first step may be to think of your art not only as a work of expression, but also as an intellectual property asset. This means taking steps to safeguard its digital file storage access, registering copyrights or trademarks, when applicable, and carving out specific rights granted when others are permitted to use the art.

Come learn what you need to know about art licenses, including limited reprint rights, commercial use, and adapting work to appear on merchandise. What use should you allow and how do you maintain some control and track accounting? What about metadata on digital files and ways to recover when others go beyond the scope of rights you've granted? What is an implied license and how do you document these to clarify restrictions on use?

Join this workshop and ask LCA Legal Director, Marci Rolnik Walker, your questions on December 14th at OPEN Center for the Arts. Presented by Lawyers for the Creative Arts

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Open Center for the Arts
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