Experimental Approaches: Part I

Colleen Woolpert, "Red Twin Blue Twin (Stereograph No. 7)" 2017
Friday, January 5, 2018 - 5:00pm to 7:30pm


Schneider Gallery is pleased to showcase a two-part group exhibition of experimental photography.* 

Part I features work by Letitia Huckaby, Thomas Kellner, Jim VanBibber and Colleen Woolpert.  The artists in this exhibition explore a diverse scope of approaches to photography employing non-traditional materials, processes, and historical devices.


Letitia Huckaby combines photography and textiles to depict personal and familial narratives often exploring herAfrican-American heritage.Huckaby prints directly onto cloth and then sews directly into the fabric to create beautiful and tactile quilt-like objects.  Flour sacks are used to represent the only store-bought item that was used in periods of her family’s past. Together, these works celebrate connections between past and present, memory and invention, craft traditions, and new ways of seeing.

In a new series Flucticulus (small wave), Thomas Kellner explores his curiosity with Isbergjet, the Iceberg building in Aarhus, Denmark and the form of a wave.  Widely known for his 35mm contact prints, Kellner departs from the grid to create unique photographic collages.   Kellner continues to deconstruct architecture as a visual language while also introducing the wave element, integrating rigidity and fluidity. 

Jim VanBibber revives the historical process of wet plate collodion in his series Luchadores.   VanBibber wishes to evoke a heightened level of perceived masculinity, nostalgia and objectness that is connected to the luchador “superhero” persona through photographing vintage style luchador piggy banks as stand-ins for actual wrestlers.  

In her series Red Twin Blue Twin Colleen Woolpert explores her relationship to her twin sister by reimagining stereoscopic photography.  She creates still and moving images as well as interactive objects and installations that explore the nuances of vision—from visual perception itself to abstract concepts like imagination, wonder, and doubt.


*Part II March 16th – April 28th , 2018

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