“Animal Secrets”

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018 (All day)
Sunday, August 26, 2018 (All day)

Kohl Children’s Museum (2100 Patriot Boulevard) is pleased to announce the return of the popular exhibit “Animal Secrets,” opening March 20 and running through August 26. In “Animal Secrets,” families will explore the hidden habitats and secret lives of forest animals. Using imaginative role-play and hands-on activities, children will discover nature from an animal’s point of view in naturalistic environments, including a meadow, woodland, cave and naturalists’ tent.

“Animal Secrets”is specially designed for children ages birth to 8, preschool to third grade school groups, and has English and Spanish-language text panels.

Using imaginative role-play and hands on activities visitors can explore “Animal Secrets”in five naturalistic environments:

The Woods: Visitors can explore a woodland clearing, crawl through a tree’s roots, play in a chipmunk’s den, investigate a raccoon’s log and curl up in an eagle’s nest.

The Meadow: Beautifully illustrated murals, including images of wildflowers, blue heron, butterflies and a rabbit, transport visitors to a grassy meadow.  Visitors can follow four winding sets of animal tracks and listen to specific animal sounds to locate the animals. Visitors can create their own butterfly wing patterns using multicolored mosaic tiles.

The Cave: Children can explore the secret world of a dark woodland cave using tethered lights to search its outcroppings and niches, and also assemble a three-dimensional, larger-than-life ant. 

The Naturalists’ Tent: Visitors can role-play working as a naturalist in a canvas tent outfitted with real field equipment and environmental elements.  They can examine, compare and contrast the characteristics of five different animal skulls, sort a variety of natural artifacts in order to display an impressive museum collection, and match animal tracks to the animal that made them using paw-like puzzle pieces.

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