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A tech adjusts a drum set bewteen acts at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Pitching In

Chicago’s music scene bands together to produce Pitchfork Music Festival

"Pitchfork is a community of music people who have come together to put on a project that we really love that has been successful and has grown. It was a positive experience from the get-go, and it’s stayed that way." Read up on the people who make the popular music festival run.

Micki LeSeuer

Enraptured and Intimidated: Building a Creative Community

Micki LeSueur, founder of Fictlicious, on running a reading series

Since no one hacked into my computer to read the stories I wasn’t submitting or peered through my living room window in the hopes of finding some insecure writer slugging it out with her laptop, the only way I was going to participate in a live reading series was if I bum-rushed the stage. Or started my own.