Creative Practice

Professional development resources relating to aspects of your creative practice "in the studio."


Tom Van Eynde

As an artist yourself, how did you start shooting slides for other artists?

Photographing other artists’ work is not as rewarding as doing your own work, but it does allow me to do my own art without having to worry about funding.

Ana Fernandez

Graduate School Portfolio preparation: Dos and Don'ts

I tried to include work that showed the committee that I am a person who is "teachable." You are applying for admission to graduate school, not applying to be in an exhibition.

Bob Sloane, Harold Washington Library

How can the Harold Washington Library archives be useful to artists?

Bob Sloane currently heads the Art Information Center at the Harold Washington Library Center. He is in charge of the dance collections, and has programmed more than 350 live dance performances in the last 18 years. Here he speaks on the library archives, how they preserve Chicago's dance history, and how artists can submit works for inclusion.