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Professional development resources relating to aspects of your creative practice "in the studio."


Steven Fischer

Old School New School: Exploring the Nature of Creativity

I’m in the Hollywood home of William Fraker, the six-time Oscar-nominated cinematographer of such legendary movies as Rosemary’s Baby, Bullitt, and WarGames. My crew is shooting our conversation for Old School New School, a documentary on the nature of creativity.

Kathryn Lamkey

Actors’ Equity: "We Really Aren’t the Culture of 'No'"

Kathryn V. Lamkey, Assistant Executive Director and Central Regional Director of Actors’ Equity Association, explains what non-Equity actors and non-Equity theatres should know about the union that represents more than 48,000 actors and stage managers in the United States. Contrary to many struggling actors’ belief that Equity’s primary goal is to prevent them from fulfilling their dreams of becoming fully professional working artists, the aim of Equity, shares Lamkey, is to help actors get jobs