Creative Practice

Professional development resources relating to aspects of your creative practice "in the studio."


Dianna Frid

How do you respond to global issues through your art practice?

In 1998, while visiting the countryside in The Netherlands, a friend pointed out that-counter to the laws of gravity-the water canals surrounding the fields on which we stood were actually flowing up a very slight incline. These waterways are, in fact, part of an old artificial hydraulic system of drainage and containment that has kept Holland above sea level.

Julia Fish

How do you maintain the continual output expected of a successful mid-career artist?

This is a fair question, but I'll admit: I've always winced at the word "career."

William Conger

An Artist's Comment on Then and Now

I began showing my work in the late 1950s by participating in competitive museum shows and invitationals in college galleries and similar venues. I didn't have a solo gallery show until 1974. I suppose that was due to youthful shyness but it was also due to the scarcity of galleries and to the refusal by gallerists to sign on artists who had not yet compiled an impressive and sustained track record.