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The Cast of "Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology"

Singletrack: Victoria Blade

"Let Hope Rise" from the stage production, Crime Scene: A Chicago Anthology

I wrote this song the night before an audition for a play addressing crime in Chicago. I was driving home and began to think about what to write. I didn’t know anything about crime in my city, so I began to pray and ask God His perspective on this seemingly hopeless issue.


Singletrack: Rob Warmowski of Sirs

"Mira, Mira, Maribel" from the album High Minors

This song has the usual rock and roll theme: trying to get through to a woman. This song has a minor-key, quiet-loud-quiet flavor and some lyrics in Spanish. My mother's family is from Puerto Rico. Spanish phonology can be very forgiving when writing lyrics. Lots of attractive vowels.

Duncan MacKenzie, Bad at Sports Podcast

How did Bad at Sports get started?

Bad at Sports is a weekly podcast produced in Chicago that features artists talking about art and the community that makes, reviews and critiques it. Shows are usually posted each weekend and can be listened to on any computer with an Internet connection and speakers or headphones. Past shows can be accessed via the Bad at Sports website.