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Title Call Type Deadline Type Deadline Posted onsort ascending
Design the 2016 Arts Entrepreneurship Awards Trophy for Fractured Atlas Contests Fixed 11/09/2015 10/06/2015
Arthur and Lila Weinberg Fellowship for Independent Scholars and Researchers Awards, Grants, Fellowships Fixed 12/15/2015 09/29/2015
2015/2016 Spudnik Press Fellowship Program Awards, Grants, Fellowships Fixed 10/18/2015 09/29/2015
Big Muddy Film Festival #38 2016 Expos, Fairs, Festivals Fixed 11/16/2015 09/11/2015
S&R Foundation Awards, Grants, Fellowships Fixed 10/15/2015 08/28/2015
Currents 2016: 7th Santa Fe International New Media Festival Expos, Fairs, Festivals Fixed 11/15/2015 08/19/2015
Title Call Type Deadline Posted onsort ascending
Call For Established and Emerging Visual Artists Exhibitions 12/01/2015 07/10/2015
City Lit Theater Interns Wanted Other Calls 12/07/2015 07/09/2015
Contemporary Dance Master Class | Audition For Italy Auditions 10/10/2015 07/09/2015
Seeking Guitarists, Vocalists, Pianists, and Drummers Auditions 01/31/2016 07/09/2015
Grant for Participation in International Performing Arts Camp Awards, Grants, Fellowships 10/15/2015 07/05/2015
Exhibit Wholesale with American Made Show in Washington DC! Expos, Fairs, Festivals 01/14/2016 07/02/2015
Call for Submissions for Palaver Journal Contests 12/31/2015 06/30/2015
Artist Seeking to Photograph Survivors of Gender Abuse/Violence Collaborators 09/23/2016 06/25/2015
Art Inter/National, Here and Abroad Exhibitions 11/01/2015 06/23/2015
LCA: Call for Artists Exhibitions 12/31/2015 06/22/2015
Artist Seeking to Photograph Survivors of Gender Abuse Other Calls 09/20/2016 06/22/2015
Call for Submissions | Meekling Press Chapbook Series Writing 10/14/2015 06/10/2015
Art Exhibeo’s Open Theme 2015 International Art Competition | Extended Deadline Contests 11/01/2015 06/06/2015
The Postcard Project - CALL FOR ART Public Art 01/31/2016 06/03/2015
Project 1612 | Call for Submissions Exhibitions 11/01/2015 06/02/2015
The Free Art Machine Call for Artists Public Art 06/06/2020 05/26/2015
Embracing Our Differences Annual Outdoor Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity Public Art 01/04/2016 05/22/2015
Women in Art | Las Laguna Gallery Exhibitions 12/15/2015 05/17/2015
FAR-FLUNG | Contemporary Art of the Midwest Exhibitions 10/19/2015 05/14/2015
Get Out the Box Collaborators 07/01/2017 05/13/2015


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