Teacher Training Program | The Glenview School of Arts

Teacher Training Program | The Glenview School of Arts
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Are you interested in becoming an art teacher?
The Glenview School of Arts is now accepting highly motivated recent high school graduates and anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in becoming an art teacher. A partial scholarship is offered, and can be negotiated as soon as candidate begins participating in the program.
Art Teacher Training:( two courses of study, each program duration is one year long.)
1. Learning to Teach Art (K-12G),
2. Learning to Teach Art Portfolio Development (for high school grades 9-12G).
The Teacher Training Program at The Glenview School of Arts is designed to offer future art teachers a comprehensive understanding of art theory, techniques, and education. We believe in the importance of the classic fundamentals of art. Working closely with each student we prepare future art teachers with in-class experience directed to build careers. Under the supervision of our staff students in the program is designed for students to gain teaching experience, learn how to critique artwork, build their own portfolio, develop creativity, learn techniques in a variety of mediums.
Upon completion of the courses, each student will receive a certificate from The Glenview School of Arts.
1. To prepare skills and confidence to teach children's art classes grades K-12.
2. To obtain employment in the field of teaching art
3. To prepare a portfolio for an accredited four year college.
4. Develop their own personal artistic path.
For more information about the program, tuition, policies, and certification, please visit our website at www.glenviewschoolofarts.com. If you have further questions contact us at glenviewschoolofarts@gmail.com.

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Friday, June 8, 2018
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