Seeking artists for in-home performance series

The Coincidentals are exploring Mess House, a platform to bring new audiences and artists together in the intimate setting of someone’s house or apartment. By hosting performances in the comfortable space of someone’s home, Mess House gives permission to the audience to mingle, engage, and free themselves from the confines of a traditional theater. For artists, these events are an opportunity to create new and site-specific works. The event combines the familiar structure of a house party with the presentation of new works of art.

Mess House intentionally resist the hierarchies and histories of exclusion that are common in many art institutions by presenting work in alternative spaces. The Coincidentals find that hosting events in homes provides an interesting new context, a source of inspiration, and presents intriguing spatial challenges, especially for movement-based artists. For audience members, witnessing art in a home creates a sense of ease and casualness, where authentic discussion and engagement with the art can take place. All events are free to attend.

The Coincidentals are seeking to connect with artists of all disciplines who would be interested in performing or presenting works in Fall 2017, tentatively scheduled for the last Saturdays of August, September, and October. Artists should share The Coincidentals commitments to increase accessiblity for artist and audiences, resist hierarchical structures, and work collaboratively with artists of all genres. Participating artists would be invited to view the performance space, create a new work in some way influenced, constrained, or driven by the space, and perform/display the work for one evening. 

Interested artists should email and introduce themselves, their work, and how they see their work fitting into an apartment or home. 

You can find out more about Mess House and The Coincidentals at or

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Thursday, August 31, 2017
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Jamie Corliss
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United States