PM Magazine open artist call

PM Magazine is a small privately owned magazine started by two University of Iowa graduates; one holding a BFA in Intermedia and the other, a BA in English Literature. Our passion for creation has surpassed the classroom as we embark on this journey to establish this magazine as not only a product but as a highly accessible service to artists.  


We pride ourselves on staying as open, unpredictable and humble as possible as we provide a platform for artists to share.  All profits from Magcloud sales and advertising go toward our web presence and printing our hard copies.  We are a free and open space to publish work and we can’t wait to hear from you wildlings!

Our mission is to create a safe and accessible platform for artists to share their work. Our main priority is the artists, poets, writers, singers, musicians and creatives that choose to submit. 

We sell our magazine via as well as maintaining an online platform for creatives to publish their work for free.

Calling all artists! We want to see what you can create!



Please include your Name, phone number and email. Artist Bios and Artist Statements are optional.

Written work can be sent via a Microsoft word or PDF file.

Please state if you have any specific layout or format needs for both written and visual work. If not stated, format may be changed to fit the overall aesthetic of the specific issue.


Music and audio submissions will live exclusively on our online platform. Finished audio or video files will need to be sent via email or Dropbox.

Any editing needs you have can be done by us for a fee. Please email for specifics.

Basic Info
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Deadline or Post Expiration: 
Saturday, June 10, 2017
May 10th 2017
Contact Information
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Sara Phillips or Angela Mazza
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United States