Outside the House Exhibition- Call for Submissions!

Event Description:

No parents, no babysitters, just us. Be a part of our multimedia event outside my parent’s suburban home for a night of art, performance, chatter, and participation. Submission and admission are free.



The home is located in Northbrook, IL, but we can help with transporting you and your art if you’re coming from Chicago (it’s a 30 minute drive and a 45 minute Metra ride).

What We’re Looking For:


  1. Work that explores the space outside of the house or home by dealing with questions like (but not limited to): What exists right outside of a boundary? How much of your home do you carry outside? How is domesticity and wilderness reconciled in a thin space? What do you remember about being outside of your home? What can you do outside that you can’t do inside?
  2. Work that crawls, falls, swings, sways, or climbs
  3. Work that disappears by midnight


Your work can fall into one or more of these guidelines, which you can interpret as loosely as you’d like. We accept all mediums. Installation and performance based art is accepted and encouraged. Feel free to submit numerous pieces, just indicate it on the form.

The form for submissions is here. We will get back to you with transportation and installation arrangements as soon as possible. Event details and programming will be announced in early May. If you don’t plan on submitting but still want to come to the event, please email us at outsidethehouseexhibit@gmail.com and we’ll make sure to keep you updated.

Deadline for Submissions: April 24, 2017

Pictures of the space are available upon request, but assume plenty of grassy space, walls, trees/bushes, cemented area, and a perimeter fence. There is also a garage door that can open and close, a standard mailbox, and slanted driveway available for use.

For questions, ideas, or anything else, please email Exhibition Organizers, Riley Cavanaugh and Maya Simkin, at outsidethehouseexhibit@gmail.com


Basic Info
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Monday, April 24, 2017
Contact Information
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Maya Simkin
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United States