Open call for trans artists of color

Submitted by luismejico on Tue, 04/10/2018 - 8:13pm

Call for trans, of color writers, crafters, video artists, performance artists, and dancers

Another Perfect is a month-long series of programming that seeks to highlight trans and nonbinary creatives of color. Another Perfect is organized by artist Luis Mejico, and will take place during her month-long residency in May at F4F, a domestic venue in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood.

Though Mejico will spend the residency working on several projects, xe also wants to open up the space and invite others to share their work. Each weekend, Mejico will invite a new group of creatives to share their practice.


The programming dates and events are as follows (please note that specific dates are subject to change, but the residency is taking place during May):

May 11th: Readings by trans and nonbinary artists of color, Craft workshops by trans and nonbinary artists of color 

May 19th: Video screenings by trans and nonbinary artists of color

May 27: Cabaret-style showcase of performance / drag / dance / etc work by trans and nonbinary artists of color

If interested in sending in work, or if you have any questions, please use email below. There are currently no thematic/time/etc restrictions on work.

About Femme4Femme:

F4F is a domestic venue. We cultivate a femme community, we center blackness, and we expand upon understandings of what domestic space can be.

We are artists, writers, performers, educators and healers. We have deep desires to bridge a gap between the Chicago artist transplant community and those that have been here already.


About Luis:

Mejico’s practice gives form to trans anxieties and excitations. Through video, performance, and fiber works, she exposes the complexities and absurdities of a body undefinable. The work largely addresses the trans body's confusion and opposition toward itself, and communicates an ambivalence to the carnal experience of transhood. This and other frustrations are addressed through works that are often humorous, displaying a sense of sarcasm in pithy bursts that replicate the jarring feeling of thinking of one's body as only a semblance of truth. Mejico’s practice collapses real and unreal realms to produce uncomfortable and alluring half-truths.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018
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Luis Mejico
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United States