No Commission: 2nd Annual Seeds Center Art Fundraiser at Hummingbird Studios


LEARNING PROCESS is an interactive exhibition that will be held May 11th, 2018 from 6pm to 9:30pm with multiple learning stations, an interactive art piece the audience can add onto, cool music, free food and drink made on the spot by one of our resident cooking instructors, an awesome raffle, and an opportunity for artists to sell larger pieces of artwork on display, as well as smaller artwork, likes prints and trinkets beneath it at no commission. 

This is a fundraiser for Seeds Center which provides inclusive, connected, positive, and possible learning for all with a focus on seniors and youth and bringing seniors and youth together. 


LEARNING PROCESS is about how our past, present, and ideas for the future are all a learning process (one could even say a human learning process) in line with Seeds Center's own theme of drawing on the past to create in the present something sustainable and harmonious for the future. Artwork that relates to this in any way is welcome to be reviewed whether about dreams, passions, challenges, reflections, art for a better future, journeys you have/had/are on, or anything else you can think of. Send as many images as you want for submission and we will look it over. 


Back in early 2016, Seeds Center was named Learn More, Live More, based on Charlotte S Lin's philosophy that learning is really our key to thriving. Since then 4 cornerstone values were created. They are represented by the words Inclusive | Connected | Positive | Possible. This is because we hope to become an intergenerational learning center connecting all kinds of people of all the ages together in learning environments that foster positivity and possibility giving them space to interact, learn, grow, discover, and flourish with all the possibilities we can give them. For more information visit:


We are accepting artwork to be hung with command strips as we have an agreement with the space to not affect their walls, so the artwork submitted must not be heavy or too large as we are only using a certain amount of strips per piece. 

Please submit any applicable images of what you would have in the show with descriptions of each piece clearly labeled and detailed with measurements, concept, relationship to the theme, and title for each work. Email to and send as many images as you want for submission and we will look it over and provide feedback (although only max 3 will be chosen from each artist in the end). 


You will be promoted through our platforms online and offline including our partnership with other organizations and businesses and the space. We will also be creating flyers featuring your specific work of art that you may distribute and we will have as well. 

There will be 40 pieces of artwork selected for this show which a cap of 3 works of art to be displayed by each artist. We will do all the hanging, but you have the freedom to collaborate with us on this. 

How our NO COMMISSION system works: You will be responsible for keeping an eye on any non-displayed artwork of yours that you would like to sell at the event. All purchase transactions for your work is also your responsibility. We have Square readers for rent for $25 for the night if you will need one, but it is also your responsibility to have your account set up beforehand. In the event we do not get our reader back, we will be asking for another $25 - so please do NOT lose them! All sales for your artwork are yours to keep :)

There is a $10 hanging fee that helps pay for the space costs and hanging supplies for each work of art that is nonrefundable. Once accepted, you will be emailed an invoice. After payment, you will be officially part of the show :) This fee also includes your free admission! Please make sure you get stamped so you can leave and come back without any conflict. 

Hanging of the show will take place the day of and you are expected to arrive a few hours earlier than the show's starting time (6pm, May 11th, 2018). 

You are allowed 1 free guest to join you in your free admission with each selling of 4 tickets for the event before the show date. You would message us whenever you know someone in your friend network purchases their tickets so we can keep track and offer you the free one. 

Our tickets for the event will be $10 general admission without learning station tickets and $15 with 2 learning station tickets ($10 value each ticket) and free food and drink and access to the interactive party either way. There will also be a raffle for $5 a ticket for over $200 worth of fun gift cards and certificates of which the winner gets all. Buy as many tickets as you want. 

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Sunday, March 25, 2018
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Charlotte Lin
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