Magazine for Women of Color Looks for Written Work on Incarcerated Women

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For Protest Magazine's premiere issue we're discussing the radical act of healing and finding freedom in the process. Issue one focuses on the ways women of color find resolution in the face of affliction. Click here to read more about issue one.

Incarcerated Women

We’re all aware that mass incarceration affects the people of color and the poor at alarming rates, but there seems to be a disconnect in how it specifically affects women. Even more ignored is women of color- the population of women involved in the justice system is the fastest growing, a majority of them are mothers, many plagued with medical and/or mental illnesses, and substance abuse. Of the women in jails, about 64% identify as non-white. Incarceration jumpstarts a cycle of physical imprisonment creates more financial struggle and re-introduces inmates to traumas that may have lead them to prison in the first place. Another daunting factor is the way it breaks up the home.

Our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who become involved in the justice system are particularly vulnerable to becoming lost in the system.The prison system was not truly designed to rehabilitate and most certainly wasn’t designed for women to exist in. So what happens to women incarcerated? Where does their voice go? Who fights for their rights?

For Protest Magazine’s premiere issue, we are dedicated to becoming a platform for the women previously and presently incarcerated. It’s also important that we hear from the families and friends of women in confinement as well. We’re looking for written work on the subject of women involved with the justice system, see below for guidance:


Thorough essays from women previously incarcerated. Here are examples of topics to elaborate on:

Specific issues regarding incarceration for women

A specific personal experience while incarcerated

Visits from loved ones while serving time

The effects incarceration has had on your relationships with loved ones

The path to rehabilitation / acclimating to the public


Thorough essays from women who have or had a woman close to them spend time incarcerated. Here are examples of topics to elaborate on:

The dynamic between yourself and the loved one serving time

Establishing relationships with loved ones released from prison

Visiting loved ones serving time

If you know a woman currently serving time and would be interested in participating, please email . We will feature the letters and essays from women incarcerated.  



-Simone & Protest Mag Team

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Thursday, May 31, 2018
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