Auditions: Runner-Dancer Needed

Submitted by vebradford on Thu, 06/28/2018 - 5:27pm

We are looking for one more person to join the Relay Team for A House Unbuilt's #RelayofVoices project. 

Audition by Appointment
Call: 337-794-8222 or Email:
Located at Mana Contemporary Chicago

Overall, I am looking for a seasoned runner, an athlete who wants to take on an adventure but also try out something new—in this case, dance. We are looking for someone who views him or herself as a professional—working on this project is a real commitment to a team, to a long-term goal, and to your growth as an athlete, artist and maker. I am looking for a human being who are rigorous in their curiosity, resilience, and adaptivity, who are eager to learn and listen to stories and ideologies other than their own. Very specifically, I'm looking for a person interested in truly and very literally becoming an explorer, going on an expedition, putting life on pause for 120 days and traveling across the country with a team in order to use movement to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for a region, its people, the land, the time we are in, and the way our bodies through everyday gestures and routines reveal a human story.

For the audition:
Please come prepared for movement—that is bring/wear clothes suitable for movement, bring shoes suitable for running, come warm if possible.

Bring or send in advance a resume and bio, and any other samples of work that you'd like to share with me.

Participants in this project are looked at as movement-researchers, dancer-athletes, and most importantly whole body listeners. At the audition, we will do some talking, some running, some story telling, some choreographing.

We have a coach donating his time to give you personal training, coaching, and running training plans to get you ready to run in a 2,300-mile relay race. For the final event itself, no one performer will be running more than 4-10 miles/day. We will run a 4 days on, 1 day off rotation, with miles varying slightly due to location distances and terrain. You will have the next year to train and become a ready athlete for this level of physical commitment.

Hope that gives you a little more information. Feel free to write or call with more questions: / 337-794-8222.

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Friday, August 24, 2018
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Victoria Bradford
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2233 S Throop St
Mana Contemporary, Studio 412
Chicago  Illinois  60608
United States