Apartment 101: Season Two Casting Call

Auditions will be by appointment only. Please submit headshot and resume to contact@professionalfromhereup.com. In the subject line, please note the character that you would like to be considered for.


About The Show: 

Apartment 101 is a web series created by Heather Elaine Abbott and Breanna Benedict. The show follows Hailey Adams and Bianca Brooks as they navigate the uncertainty of their mid-twenties in Chicago. The first season is available on Youtube. Find it here: https://youtu.be/bSTKZyrxHHY


Casting The Roles Of:

Mike Clark: (25-30). Male. Any Ethnicity. He’s a deeply kind hearted person who wants to help everyone around him. He likes to move around and hasn’t quite settled into a routine, isn’t sure if he wants to. He has a serious case of wanderlust. 

Claire Adams: (18-20). Female. Any Ethnicity. Excitable and playful. She has no responsibilities and is not looking to gain any.

Kevin Valero: (25-30). Male. Latino/Hispanic. Extremely content with his current lifestyle. He has a loving boyfriend, Chris Lewis. He is very into drugs to enhance his life and is a person who is very easy to please.

Chris Lewis: (25-30). Male. Any Ethnicity. Boyfriend to Kevin Valero. He is into drugs to enhance his lifestyle. He is the more business-minded of the two.

Timothee: (25-30). Male. Any Ethnicity. Plays guitar and sings and hopes to make music his career. He speaks very poetically. He is unafraid to be vulnerable and can bring this out of people as well. Recently dumped by his ex-girlfriend who he still lives with because they just signed a new lease.

Nora Adams: (40-45). Female. Caucasian. Mother to Hailey and Claire Adams. She is a free spirit who has never really committed to a stereotypical adulthood. She fiercely loves her daughters, but doesn’t always make the right choices.

Laurie Miles: (28-3). Female. Asian. Older sister to Tonya Miles. She has a very strained relationship with Tonya. Very put together and successful.

Avalynn Miles: (25-30). Female. Asian. Older Sister to Tonya Miles. She has a very strained relationship with Tonya. Very put together and follows the lead of Laurie.

Dr. Miles (50-55). Male. Asian. Father to Tonya Miles. He is matter-of-fact. He has a very strained relationship with his daughter, Tonya. His main focus is his girlfriend and their new life.

Sandra Li (50-55). Female. Asian. Mother to Tonya Miles. She is very interested in bettering herself and removing all toxicity from her life.

Cassandra (18-25). Female. Any Ethnicity. She is a fictional character is the YA Novel written by Bianca Brooks. She is a Merpire Hunter who emerges as the third part of the love triangle in Bianca’s second book. Athletic. Charismatic. Sharp. Knowledge of Stage Combat is a plus.


The season will be shot throughout the summer. All roles are non-paid. Food will be provided on longer shoots and footage will be available for actors' reels. For any questions, you can contact us at contact@professionalfromhereup.com.

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Thursday, June 21, 2018
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Heather Elaine Abbott
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Chicago  Illinois
United States