Linda Beierle Bullen

Spotlight on Linda Beierle Bullen

Chicago is the touchstone for me of childhood sights, sounds, and smells,
of adolescent experiences and of adult transformations. From fishing in
the dark with my parents on Montrose Pier, to sitting in the stacks at
the grand Chicago Public Library, to discovering myself at the dusty,
hidden, original School of the Art Institute, Chicago is the city that
created me.

Linda Beierle Bullen was born and raised in Chicago and attended the School of the Art Institute for her BFA and MFA. Today she is a fabric artist, morris dancer, and curator at the Pullman State Historic Site. For many years she was absorbed with dancing, playing music, and raising her two wonderful children; now she finds her creative energies leading her back to her first love: needle and thread. She has been sewing, knitting, crocheting, and beading since a very early age, always creating textile objects, both hand- and machine-made. Since 2008 her art form has been the folk tradition of penny rugs. She continues to explore new formats and directions with shape, texture, and embellishment. Most recently, she has begun exploring the world of metalworking with the intent to create her own embellishments.

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