David Jones

How the Director of Anchor Graphics Got His Start

In 1990, I founded Anchor Graphics (now a program of the A+D Department
at Columbia College Chicago) which strives to integrate education,
professional practice, creative excellence, and risk-taking with the
creation of fine art limited-edition prints. As director for more than 20
years, I have met and collaborated with some truly amazing people, and
this, in turn, has created unexpected opportunities.

is the Founder and Director of Anchor Graphics. Raised in the San
Francisco Bay Area, he moved to the Midwest to pursue studies in
photography and printmaking. He attended the Center for Photographic
Studies, Louisville; Banff Centre for the Arts; the Vancouver School of
Art; received his BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute, and is
currently pursuing his MFA at the Center for Book and Paper Arts. He has
taught printmaking at the Chicago Art Institute and at Columbia College
Chicago, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Highpoint Center for
Printmaking, Minneapolis and the Board of Directors of Southern Graphics
Council International.

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