Christine Simpson Forni

Christine Simpson-Forni

When the Anvil Strikes, Answer It

For me, art is my life. It’s the way I communicate ideas, understand
nature, and learn about life. I enjoy drawing, painting, sculpture,
printmaking ,and photography, but I love the engineering and intellectual
challenges of metalsmithing and making jewelry. I enjoy the sound and
power of the hammer hitting the anvil.

Christine Simpson Forni received her BFA in 1989 from Iowa State
University. She works in drawing, prints, painting, metals and
porcelain. She has taught in Barcelona, Spain, Loyola University
(metalsmithing substitute), Highland Park Arts Center, The Oriental
Institute, and LillStreet Art Center. Her work can be seen during Chicago Artists Month in JAWAchic (Jewelry And Wearable Art Chicago) at the Zhou B Art Center. More info.

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