Anna Koh and Jeffrey Hanson Varilla

Jeffrey Hanson and Anna Koh Varilla

The Sculpture Team Works Realistically
We’ve lived in North Park since 1989 and are proud to have located our
new studio building there. We’ve been working with community leaders to
create a North Park Art Center that encourages and recognizes
creativity, adding to the neighborhood’s strengths. We are dedicated to
making the center a reality.

Jeffrey Hanson Varilla & Anna Koh
are a husband and wife sculptor team specializing in “Classic
Realism” and have been collaborating on commissioned works of sculpture
since 1986 when they created the Koh-Varilla Guild. Their works include
bronze public sculpture monuments such as the Soldier Field Monument in
Chicago, the Dr. King Monument in Austin, Texas, and the golfer Jack
Nicklaus Monument in Dublin, Ohio. They’ve also created sacred
sculptures for churches in many parts of the country. Jeff and Anne are
both graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and are
fellow members of the National Sculpture Society of New York. 

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